Please find our standard rates below.


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By The Hour

$449 for first 2 hours (minimum), including a $50 non-refundable delivery fee MINIMUM 2 HOUR EVENT. Each additional hour: $150

Delivery fee may vary depending on distance from our depot to your event location. If you hire us by the hour, it is not acceptable for you to sell individual tickets unless we agree to those terms beforehand.


$50 deposit required in advance upon booking to hold your appointment time. Deposit is applied towards your first hour fee/delivery. BALANCE of fee due before set-up begins. Delay in payment may result in loss of your time slot.

By the ride

Performance deposit/delivery $300.00 We sell individual ride tickets for $3 to $5 each. Deposit may be returned based on sales. We may negotiate these terms based on length of performance.


On a case by case basis, we may be open to working with non-profit organizations without deposit requirement, possibly on a pay-per-ride basis. We may be willing to work on a commission basis, possibly even donating a portion of earnings back to your organization. Please, contact us to check availability and to see if your event qualifies.


We may be willing to attend your festival for free if you allow us to sell tickets and retain all earnings. Our decision may be based on past volume and availability.

Large Attendance Venues

We may be willing to pay a vendor fee and charge on a pay-per-ride basis. Again, depending on past volume and availability.



3 day notice required to cancel your event. If criteria is met, refund is available minus non-refundable delivery fee.